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After 10 workshops, 50 students & 20 vendors later…. This year is even BIGGER! I’m SO excited to be hosting a 4 workshop series in Florida & 1 workshop in Cincinnati for 2019! At our workshops this year, we will be walking through the 4 STEPS of developing your photography business. This experience will include catered food at each event, guest speakers, special give-aways for our attendees and access to an EDITING class coming later this year!

*You will be able to book a package with all 4 workshops or book them individually. Please click the link for more information.*

So what are the 4 steps?


STEP 1 | Find Your Niche 

(We will be discussing what it means to find your niche in the photography industry. Our goal with this workshop is to help you break down the vision for your work and take the right steps into your specific clientele) 


STEP 3 | Develop Shooting Skills     

(We are putting on a full styled shoot filled with local vendors, models & beautiful scenery for you to practice your shooting skills & gain incredible portfolio work while doing so!)


STEP 2 | Create Your Brand

(We will be discussing the importance of having strong brand & how it can bring in clients. Our goal with this workshop is to help you examine your social media habits, update your website, & help viewers point out your work from a mile away)


STEP 4 | Book Your Ideal Clients

(We will be discussing the back-end of your photography business - how to run it smoothly & affectively as possible. Our goal with this workshop is to help you price your services, gain confidence when answering inquiries & create a consistent workflow.)



“It’s not a one time deal anymore! I want to be there throughout your growth, & throughout your business transformation…
So I’ve created a photography business coaching program for 2019!  
*Sydney will only be taking on 8 students during 2019.*


How did this program come about?

When I first started out, I didn’t even know what the photography industry looked like but within a few months of researching, I quickly learned that “photography” was not just shooting pretty photos & posting them on Instagram. There are SO many aspects to the job that I didn’t even realize!

Even though I knew I wanted “photography: to be my career one day, I still had no idea how to get there. I had no one to help me with answering inquiries, price out my services or help me figure out how the heck to use Lightroom! But I don’t want experience this for you.

I want to be there for your questions & the confusing steps you may have to take during the process of building your business!  

What is included in the program?

These sessions are specifically designed to develop all areas of your photography business. They will be spaced out throughout 5 one on one sessions so that by next year, you will come away from this program feeling fully confident in your skills, incredibly proud of your brand & successfully running your photography business.  

The 5 sessions include (each session will be one to one & a half hours):

  1. Intro session (getting to know who you are/your style/the mission behind your photography business

  2. Shooting skills session (shooting + lighting + equipment + posing)

  3. Editing session (skin tones + presets)

  4. Brand session (brand representation + layout)

  5. Business session (emails + pricing + professionalism)  



Over the past 2 years, I’ve created multiple e-books full of tools, techniques & information
that you can take anywhere!