5 Changes I'm Making in 2018! | Business + Personal Life

Photo by: @sinkorsurface

Photo by: @sinkorsurface

Hey, guys!

Happy 2018, friends!! Man, I can't tell you how pumped I am for this year. 2017 was a great run & a year of so much change - I officially started my business in January, traveled the US to photograph awesome people, made some insane goals (that I thought would never could achieve as a 21 year old). On top of all the goodness that happened over the last 365 days, I have definitely created some unhealthy habits (in business & my personal life) that I am ready to break..

So, here are the 5 changes I'm making in 2018! 


1. Blocking out down time for myself. 

Don't get me wrong, I am all about the "hustle" & getting stuff done! I love working late nights, I love being in communication with my clients & taking every opportunity possible. But last year, I got caught up in the constant motion & businesses of owning a business & at the end of the year, I found myself utterly exhausted - creatively, mentally & emotionally. Being in this state is not fun & I'm sure a lot of my photographer friends & entrepreneurs feel the same way. So, for year 2018, I am making it a priority to block out time to recharge. I've realized I work best & create best when I am well-rested. This year is a time to find the distinction between loving the work I do & finding my identity in the work I do

2. Putting my health as a priority!

Last year, I put all my time & energy into pushes the boundaries of my business. When it came to working out & taking care of my body, I made that the last priority in my book. In my head, I thought that was the smartest thing to do with a business growing so fast - I thought I couldn't stop. But at the end of the year, my body gave out - I got sick maybe 2-3 times & was mentally drained. SO, this year my health is number one. We're meal prepping (yay to the first time doing this!), we're staying active (Dance-trance, anyone?!) & getting down time from the "hustle." Let's do this!

3. Connect without Wi-fi!

Phone down. Eyes up. 

4. Have "email office hours!"

So, I absolutely love being super responsive & being able to communicate with my clients 24/7 - because I know they appreciate speediness, just like you & me appreciate it. I would read emails when I'd be out with friends & family, during a break at weddings, during late-night hours.. and in result, it caused me so much unneeded stress. I would feel obligated to respond or be thinking about my response while I was out, & frankly just wasn't mentally present when I needed to be. That's changing this year! I now have email office hours from 8am-5pm! 

5. Work in more silence!

Anytime I’m on a plane or forced to be silent, I find my creativity is at its peak. I come up with ideas that are in my heart but I haven’t been able to think them through. I'm able to gather thoughts & think outside of the box business wise. I can confidently say that I've grown the most from times of silence & reflection (something I didn't do as often as I think I should have!). I've realized that silent times also gives me peace. & time to really hear what God’s wanting to do in me & through me & through the business. So, I'm excited to say that 2018 will be filled with lots of silence! 

Thanks so much for reading along! Hoping this quick blog post was able to inspire you in your journey! P.S. If you want to chat more about this subject, feel free to email me at Sydney.norberg@gmail.com or message me on Instagram! Can't wait to get chatting!