5 Things I Took Away From The Book "10X RULE"


Hey, guys!

So, we're all coming up on the last stretch of the year, the wedding season, the school semester & getting pumped for 2018, obviously! And of course, with the New Year, there comes New Year's Resolutions. Well, as of last year, I scratched the idea of "yearly resolutions" & started making yearly. monthly, & daily goals - creative, personal, business & financial goals as well.

Pretty much - I made (& still make) a goal for everything in my life.

This last month, I've been reading the book 10X RULE by Grant Cardone. And no lie, this book to my goal making to the next level! And I would recommend it to any young entrepreneur or creative out there! So, with this BLOG post, I'm sharing the 5 biggest things I took away from the 10X RULE!

1. I Dream Bigger

“Think about it: What's the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?”

After reading this book, I am all about go-big-or-go-home. Grant puts into perspective that dreaming bigger pushing you further than what you could first imagine! Before reading this book, I did this in a way. In my goal setting section of my notes, I'd put a small list of "dream goals" - maybe two or three things that I thought would be cool to achieve at some point in my life. But, I put into practicing one of those goals, which was a financial goal for the year. I wrote a number  down that I honestly thought was crazy. But from that goal, everything I did revolved around it. I took on more weddings & sessions. I made connections in different states. I invested my own money in education & styled shoots. I started reading & listening to podcast - gaining knowledge - so that I could add workshops & mentorships to my business as well. After a year of making my "dream goal" the backbone of everything I did, I was able to exceed my "dream goal!" - And after reading 10X RULE, I'm making even crazier goals! 


2. I Look at Failure Differently

“I would rather fail pushing forward than in retreat.”

Failure. Yeah, it sucks. And I'd say I've had many more failures this year than I have successes. BUT, after one specific "failure" that really got me down for about a month or so, I decided to stop sulking in my loss & focus on how to make myself, my business & my service even better. I loved this section of the book, where Grant really takes looking at failure to the next level. He explained that he now accepts failure & wants more of it. If a client or consumer isn't happy with the product, he welcome the situation with open arms & is determined to find a resolution. “You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.” - I experienced this quote myself this year! And after reading this book, it's definitely time to make a change & look at failure as a push to progress rather than a set-back.


3. I Just DO IT!

“You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions.”

MASSIVE ACTION! I can't tell you how many times Grant says that in this book. But I found the quote above to be so true in my own life! It's awesome to set high goals but without straight up action, you won't obtain what you're set out to do! I've seen this mindset in myself so much lately. I know when I'm taking action everyday whether it's reaching out to a photographer, going the extra mile to make my clients happy with the photo-turnout, posting another photo on Instagram - I'm going to see the benefit in the action I took in the future, even if I don't see it immediately. The biggest action I took this year would be a trip to San Fransisco with my awesome friend, Ben from SinkOrSurface! We took the time to plan the trip, to seek out people to shoot while we were there & saved up to make this trip happen. And I can say, it was definitely a life-changing experience. From that trip alone, I gained confidence, connections & new friends in Cali & New Zealand, portfolio work & decided to re-brand my business & ultimately, take it to the next level.


4. I Over-achieve my Goals & Gain Confidence

“You doubtlessly have gifts you have yet to use—potential that remains untapped. You've been endowed with a desire for greatness and are aware enough to know that there are no shortages of success."

This past year, I set a few major goals that I thought I may not actually achieve but "what the heck, might as well make my goal big than small." It turns out, I overachieved these goals & created more opportunity than I ever imagined just by dedicating my time & energy to these "unrealistic" goals. After seeing this unfold & reaping the benefits of my work, I have gained a confidence I've never had before. I've realized that when I think with the "bigger picture" mindset, I gain so much more confidence in myself - I know what I'm capable of doing with the gifts I've been given, I know what I've learned from my failures, I know what will come from the massive action I am currently taking, & I know that I will accomplish the dreams & desires that are set in my heart IF I dedicate my time to it. 


5. I have a CONSTANT MOTIVATION behind my actions & use EXCUSES LESS.

“All the excuses in the world won't change one simple fact: that fear is a sign to do whatever it is you fear—and do it quickly.”

The quote above & the chapter on excuses kinda rocked my world. I really never thought I gave excuses for anything I did. I always keep myself "busy" so if something didn't happen or I failed at something, I would always say "well, I just don't have time." After reading this book, I've realized that I say that way too often & it's frankly not true. My excuses are 100% used to hide myself from the things I fear.

I used to say "I'm a homebody. I hate traveling." But after I finally quit making excuses and hopped on a plane to the west coast by myself (to meet Instagram friends I had never even talked to in real life), this is when I found that I love experiencing new places. And that's just one example of overcoming my excuses & fears. There have been so many more just because I've revamped my mindset from "I've never done that before, so I can't" to "I've never done that before.. HELL YAH! LET'S DO IT!"  

I seriously loved this book & wanted to share what I've learned just from reading it. So thanks for reading, friend! Totally feel free to leave a comment, email me or share this with a friend! Let's start taking massive action & encouraging each other to think bigger & set 10X GOALS!

~ Sydney Marie