PODCASTS + BLOGS | To Get Me Inspired!



Hey, friends! So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts & blogs with you guys! Some of these links are geared more towards business & marketing (which I tend to listen to a bit more often) & some of them are created specifically for photographers & creatives! I honestly love podcasts & blogs because, for me, it's so easy to gather quick information or inspiration while multi-tasking - podcasts are great for long drives to weddings & editing days. And blogs are perfect for late night Pinterest/inspiration nights. So if you are anything like me, I hope these links will inspire you to DREAM & encourage you to DO.




1. #AskGaryVee

--> one of my favorite podcasts! Gary is very business focused and a bit intense, but he's inspired the hustle in me & honestly, helped me gain confidence in my creativity and in myself.

2. WayUpNorth

--> a photographer friend shared this one with me just a month ago, and I fell in love! this podcast interviews amazing photographers and really digs into their stories and mission. 

3. How I Built This

--> I've been listening to this one for the past two weeks while editing & it's so inspiring! this podcasts interviews entrepreneurs & CEO's of well known brands (like WarbyParker, Spanx, FiveGuys, etc.) and shares the story of how they came to be. 

4. Onward Creatives 

--> so, I'm only about 2 episodes into this podcast but I love the mission of it. Onward Creatives is geared toward encouraging creative individuals in their journey. the podcasts dabble in developing your craft & honing in on your creative passions.

5. Being Boss Club

--> another friend recommended this one to me a while back. this podcast is a bit more "girl boss" focused. they chat about everything from marketing & creativity to the struggles & of owning a business.  I've listened to a few of them & really liked the episodes. 





1. Social Triggers

--> love this site so much! it's main focus is on the importance of social media marketing & the science behind it!

2. Dylan Howell

--> Dylan is a photographer that I absolutely love. not only is his work incredible, but he also provides SEO information and tips for photographers. (highly highly recommend giving that specific blog post a read!)

3. Entrepreneur.com

--> of course, entrepreneur.com is an obvious one for any small business owner. I have found so many awesome resources, books, podcasts & other entrepreneur influencers from this website! 

4. Jordan Voth

--> Jordan is another amazing photographer (actually, one of my favorites!). I always love checking out his blog for his latest work (and pinning almost all of his images). His coloring, locations & compositions are timeless!

5. GreenWeddingShoes

--> this is a wedding blog that features other photographers & vendors all around the world. from this blog, I've found some of my favorite photographers and wedding/styled shoot ideas for every season.