VINTA CO. | Camera Bag Review


•    What VINTA. CO is all about:

Around October of last year, I came across VINTA. CO on Facebook. I clicked on the link with the cool photo of a dude standing on a mountain with this awesome camera bag on his back. This photo immediately caught my attention & I wanted to know more. The link lead me to their website where I did some product searching. I found that the owner, Victor Soto is a NY native and has built the VINTA. CO company are the idea of inspiring the “Modern Traveler.” His passion for creating something by hand truly intrigued me! The Vinta. Co brand is super minimalistic & adventurous (two styles I love the most in my clothing!)

•    How I use VINTA.CO in my daily life:

So, I started my search for a camera backpack after purchasing my second camera body. All the gear I had to carry around (2 camera bodies, 2 lenses, flashes, memory cards, batteries, my laptop & a few more accessories) was getting to be a bare & quite annoying to walk into a wedding with so much luggage. I knew I was going to be traveling a bit more in 2017 and I knew I just couldn’t handle keeping track of all these items in multiple bags. 


When I found VINTA.CO, I fell in love with simplicity of the bag. I feel like it definitely fits my brand - simple, sweet & neutral. Less is more, my friends! I also checked out the interior of the bag & it was exactly what I needed, it even has a space for my laptop & chargers. Now, I bring just ONE bag to weddings and portrait sessions & can hold everything on my back if needed. I’ve also had the chance to take it across the states! It was super easy to check through security & fits perfectly underneath airplane seats, which is great if you’re like me & don’t wanna lose site of it at an airport. 


I also bring it along on more adventurous portrait sessions just in case a battery dies or I need to quickly switch lenses. With the empty pockets, I always have my clients drop their phones or anything in their pockets in the VINTA so we can zip it up & not worry about loosing personal items during the session.


    •    What I like & dislike about my VINTA.CO:

L I K E S //

- Looks like a bag pack in the front, but has just one easy zipper!

- Packaging experience was amazing! Came with 2 small neutral colored notebooks & a note from the owner!

- The interior is clean & the pockets are velcro.

D I S L I K E S // 

    - Doesn’t easily fit my 15 inch laptop in the pocket.

    - Wish the brand had other options for larger carry-ons.


    •    Where you can get a VINTA.CO: 

Click on the link below to shop VINTA CO.


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