SUMMER TRAVELS | LA + Cincinnati + NYC

  This past year, I've had the awesome opprotunity to travel more than I ever have! And every time before hopping on the plane, I would open my Instagram & do some research on local eats & hangouts to try out while I was in town. I usually post these photos on my feed with a little pointless (yet sometimes witty) caption & hashtag. But, I thought I'd share some of these pretty places on my BLOG for those of you who love Insta-ventures as much as I do! 

Check out the Instagram handles below the photos to find out more about these inspiring businesses!


Fōnuts - Downtown LA // @fonuts

At the end of May, I visited one of my closet friends from high school who moved out to LA to pursue her dream as a makeup artist. And dang, she is killing it! Fonuts was our first stop with a gluten free/non fried donut for me (so I could pretend to be LA for a day) & coffee for my bff. 

Zinc Cafe - Downtown LA // @zanccafeandmarket

Oh man, this was by far my favorite place on the trip.. mostly because this hummus plate was the best I've ever had.

Salt & Straw - Abbot Kinney Blvd // @saltandstraw

So my crazy friend on the right dared me to try one of their ice-cream flavors called "goat cheese & black olive brittle." First I laughed & said heck no! But after trying the sample, I got 2 scoops of it. Without a doubt the best ice-cream I have tasted in my life - reason why there is no photo because I couldn't wait long enough. 

The Butcher's Daughter - Abbot Kinney Blvd // @thebutchersdaughter_official

This place was almost unreal. Jessie & I got a margarita pizza, which is my favorite lunch food & the interior was super intriguing. So, I was pretty much living in a dream. One day I will meet their interior designer & praise them for their work on this place.

Cheapside Cafe - Cincinnati, OH // @cheapsidecincinatti

Cheapside has a super cute & clean interior, right in the middle of downtown Cincy just a little ways off from Over the Rhine. The food is fresh & vegan friendly (even though I'm not an actual vegan). 

Over the Rhine  - Cincinnati, OH // @overtherhine

I absolutely loved walking around this little town. Over the Rhine is a perfect place for a girls' day out or a date night! The photos above were just a few of the restaurants & stores I walked by on my way to meet up with a fellow photographer & Instagram friend, Hannah. Check out her work over at

IdleWild Woman - Over the Rhine, OH // @idlewildwoman

Holy heart eyes, guys! This place was an interior heaven, & also my future wardrobe. The whole place reminded me of a Kinfolk magazine with all the nature light & styling of their products. Definitely, recommend doing a little splurging on their european designs while you're in town. 

Collective Espresso - Northside, Cincinnati // @collective_espresso

Some of you may know that I actually don't drink coffee (forever a dedicated Diet Coke fan). But, my sister loves it! So, we plan sister dates just to find cute coffee shops wherever we are. This place was such a hidden gem & the natural light in their was pretty insane, which is always a plus. 

The Butcher's Daughter - Soho, New York // @thebutchersdaughter_official

So, this place was our first stop on our NYC trip! After visiting their location in Venice, I knew I had to check out the NYC location too! They have everything from salads to pizzas to classic avocado toast.. can we get one in Orlando, please?

EGG Shop - Soho, New York // @eggshopnyc

After a delish lunch at Butcher's Daughter, my mom & I headed right across the street to EGG Shop to get some iced tea. That place is beyond cute! Also stood in the street to take the photo of my adorable mother.. But hey, ya gotta yolo sometimes for the insta. 

<< All of the photos above were taken on my phone & most of them were also posted on my feed. Be sure to follow me on my next Insta-venture! >>

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