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Sydney Marie | Destination Wedding Photographer

New York wedding photography
destination wedding photographer

Hey, Friend!

My name is Sydney Marie & I am a destination wedding & portrait photographer traveling around the United States since 2016!

As a photographer, my mission has always been to wholeheartedly serve the people around me - whether I’m photographing your family’s Christmas card photos or shooting your beautiful wedding day - I am present & on the look out for priceless moments to capture. My clients have my heart & my time just like my family & friends do.

destination wedding photographer

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Ready to transform your hobby
into your career?

If your answer is “YES! Photography is my passion & I want it to be my career!! But I have no idea where the HECK to start,” then sister, you’ve landed on the right page. In the past 4 years, I have been able to transform a little hobby of mine into a successful photography business. And I want to share with you guys ALL of the tips, techniques & skills I’ve used to get there! Click on the links below to grab the tools & get your career started! 

  • The Photography Program
    (A 4 part workshop on How to Grow a successful photography business within 1 year!)

  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring 
    (One on One sessions with Sydney Marie walking you through a step by step process on how to build your photography business)

  • E-Books
    (Tools, techniques & information to take on the go!) 

  • Articles
    (Blog posts about business, Sydney's personal journey & all things photography!)

  • Podcast
    (Learn about business & listen in your car!)