Hi, friends! So, for part four of the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series, we have a fun guest! Let me introduce to you - Kahlea also known as @kahleanicole! She is a social media influencer / blogger. She has been blogging for over this past year & has been able create content for some influential brands in the US! She has also hosted events like TacoTalk in the Orlando area for all types of creatives to learn the art of influencing. 

Although Kahlea is technically not a photographer, she is a business owner & has used Instagram as a marketing tool in her blogging journey. I was able to sit down with her this past week & ask a few questions about the strategy of Instagram influencing & how she has applied it to her business! Hope you guys enjoy hearing from her!



1. Do you have a strategy or outline for your Instagram account @kahleanicolee?

"When I first started out I followed a strategy for Instagram religiously. I would make sure I was posting at least twice a day, spending three or four hours on Instagram engaging with others, constantly taking new pictures, etc. While that did help me grow my following quickly, it also burnt me out. At the start of this year I started to take more of a backseat with Instagram. I posted if I had the content, tried to spend about an hour a day on the app, and took pictures when I had the time. Managing a business while working side jobs and being in school full time is no joke. I knew I had to eliminate the pressure of trying to be on top of my 'Insta-game' 25/7 or else I would lose my mind! Now what I do is constantly switch up my hashtags, leave more meaningful comments on other people's pictures, follow individuals that have content I'm obsessed with, and be as consistent as possible without burning myself out."


2. In efforts to grow your following & business, what is one thing you have done in the past that projected you to the “next level” so-to-speak? 

"In regards to growth, I know a lot of people stress "find your niche" and "be consistent" which, granted, are important aspects of growing your following. However, if you pick a simple niche such as fashion for example, there are MILLIONS of other people out there doing the same thing. As are there are millions of other people out there being just as consistent with posting. My thing is that there is never going to be anyone else out there that's you. So while that may sound cliche, it's true. I have an extremely carefree, weird, dorky personality. I'm known for my weird faces, dramatic retorts, and being louder than I probably should be in a house of roommates. Showcasing those goofy sides of me though has helped me curate a brand that no one can replicate. People can try and emulate what I do, but at the end of the day it's a copy rather than an original. The second I pivoted my focus from trying to be like everyone else and changed it to being unapologetically me, is when my following and brand was taken to the next-level."


3. What is one tip you would give to a creative that is wanting to brand themselves on Instagram?

"I would pretty much repeat what I said above! Really sticking to who you are. People relate more to individuals who are real, transparent, and genuine rather than someone who just puts on a show to look "cool." Take a step back and ask yourself, "if someone sat down with me for an hour, what kind of things would they ask me about?" This is the exact question I asked several of my friends to get their opinion on where they deemed my areas of expertise to be. From this question came my mentoring sessions and my Blogging Tips section on my blog. So ask your friends or family that question and see what they say! It's a perfect opportunity to get an outside perspective if you're feeling stuck on where to begin."


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