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Welcome to PART 3 of the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series! Before diving into this Instagram update review, I wanted to thank those of you who filled out the survey on PART 2 of the blog series! 

So, the last time around, I asked you guys about Instagram activeness. Has being active on Instagram helped or hindered your business? Are you guys more attracted to seeing the process or the finished product on Instagram? And about 80% of you guys agreed that being active on Instagram, whether you are showing the process OR the finished product, has progressed your business! 


I LOVE HEARING THAT! Instagram is a FREE marketing tool & I totally believe that, if used in the right way, we can all benefit from it. But, we have to keep up guys! 

The digital world is moving so quickly (with updates out every week, it seems like!) & as a photographer & business owner, I always strive to use Instagram to its fullest potential. So, today I am sharing THREE "photographer insights" on the newest Instagram update!

Photographers, you can now post on Instagram straight from you computer!


1. It saves you TIME!

I always like to post little previews while I'm editing. So my process usually looked like this - Export photo from Lightroom, Copy photo into FaceBook message, Open & Save photo to phone, Find & Crop photo to feed.  This process would usually take me about 10 minutes (which usually leads to 20 minutes scrolling through Instagram itself). With my last post, I used the update & posted the photo straight to my Instagram account within 2 minutes. So, previews are quick & effortless! 


2. It retains the QUALITY your image!

I would have to resize my images almost always so that they would download on my phone (without taking too much time to download the high-res). But, I love the fact that with the updated, I have the option to share the high resolution photo to my feed! Hallelujah! 


3. It helps you VISUALIZE your images on a larger platform! 

In the past, I have had some issues with my edits not coming out clear on my small phone screen. I noticed that the skin tones would be a bit more saturated than usual, so I would always go in on the Instagram editing tools & desaturate the image before posting it to my feed (again taking up time, & again dumbing down the quality of the original image). With this update, I can see my image for what it is (edits & all) on a larger platform rather than zooming in or out on my tiny phone-screen. Such a life saver! 


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